What are your tires made of?
The tires are 3D printed out of a flexible resin. They are not true rubber but they are flexible as though they are true rubber.
What are your wheels made of?
They are 3D printed resin plastic.
Why are the tires I received gray and your pictures show them as black?
They have been painted with Dupli-Color bumper coating in black. We use bumper coating because it maintains the flexibility of the tires while getting the black “new tire” look.
What color are your wheels when I purchase them?
The wheels are printed in white. It is up to you to paint them. We have found that if they are printed in white then painted, the finish and coloration comes out richer and truer than if it were printed in the “factory” color that comes on your tractor, i.e. yellow, silver/gray, green, etc.
What paint do you use/recommend?
PER uses and recommends factory brand paint. JD, CNH, Versatile, etc… Yes, factory brand paints are more expensive than generic brand paints, but we’ve had better success with factory brand over generic. To help with paint adhesion, however, we do pre-spray our wheels with another Dupli-Color product. We use Dupli-Color plastic adhesion promoter; this helps with paint adhesion tremendously and would recommend this for anyone who purchases our wheels and tires.
What comes with your LSW tires?
Everything. Our LSW kits come with everything you need to install them on your tractor or combine. The kits include the wheels, tires, axles, and axle spacers (if necessary). For FWA tractors We have 2 of the 4 major brands printed for their steer axles: JD and Versatile. The Case and New Holland steer axles are coming, and will be included in the LSW kits for FWA tractors when they are completed.
Will your LSWs fit my tractor or combine?
It depends. We do not have a definitive answer. We have not been able to try all LSWs on all castings produced in the toy market. We do have LSW kits developed and ready for MOST new equipment and SOME older equipment.
Will you do custom work for me?
Yes, we will build custom orders for you. However it is on a time and build type limited basis.
Will you 3D model specific products for me?
It depends. We cannot 3D model everything for everyone. Whether we are able to 3D model something for you depends on what 3D modeling projects we have on the to-do list and the current workload. There are lots of 3D modelers in the 64th scale ag and truck equipment market and what you’re looking for could already be contained in a different modeler’s product line up.
Can you “take a look” at this 3D model I have and “make these changes”?
We wouldn’t recommend it. While we CAN take a look at it and make changes to it, we have found it is easier to do one of two things: go back to your original 3D artist and explain the changes you want them to make OR have us model your product starting with a clean slate.
What 3D software do you use?
We use a program called CREO made by PTC.
What 3D printer do you use?
We use a Formlabs Form3 resin printer.
My order was damaged during shipping. What do I do?
Contact your local USPS and file a claim with them. We ship with insurance on all our products. We will gladly replace your product no questions asked once you have gone through your local USPS.
What do the arrows mean on your wheels?
The arrows on the wheels show which way the wheel mounts. The arrows ALWAYS point away from the casting when mounting the wheels on the machine.